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9 March 2005
Version 1.6-pre1 released

14 October 2003
Version 1.4.2 released

14 October 2003
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tdl is a to-do list manager. You can use it for keeping track of tasks you have to do, check them off as they get done, organise them into a project hierarchy, and generate reports of what you've completed over a period of time. It's often used for tracking programming tasks, but has also found various other uses.
Some features:
  • 1 database per directory, or per tree of directories (tdl searches up through parent directories to find the database, so you can have one per project, for example.)
  • add new entries, mark them done, edit the text of entries
  • add a new entry and immediately mark it done (e.g. to log tasks you did which you tackled immediately you got them.)
  • organise the entries in a tree structure (sub-tasks of other tasks etc)
  • move the tasks around and re-organise the hierarchy.
  • list the tasks in the database (default listing excludes 'done' tasks, but these can be shown too if desired). The listing is in colour by default, with monochrome output as an option.
  • allows entries to be prioritised (priorities shown in different colours on listing). The listing can selectively show only entries at or above a given priority level.
  • the start time for tasks can be set, to allow for 'deferred' tasks with start times in the future. Such tasks are excluded from the default listing.
  • track date added and date completed for each task
  • generate report of tasks completed in a given earlier time period (useful if you have to produce a weekly summary of your work done, for example)
  • import and export entries, to allow splitting and merging of databases.
  • written in C
  • runs on a Linux console or in a terminal window. It currently generates a coloured listing, so a colour xterm or rxvt is preferred.
See a screen-shot


tdl create
tdla "Write software"
tdla "Write manpage"
tdll                    (list open tasks)
(somewhat later)
tdld 1                  (mark first task done)
tdl report 1w           (produce a report of what you did last week)

stable releases

Version 1.5.2 3 February 2004
Available as

GPG signature for tdl-1.5.2.tar.gz

Release notes:

  • allow more than 5 digits for pid in creating name of lock file
Version 1.5.1 7 January 2004
Available as

GPG signature for tdl-1.5.1.tar.gz

Release notes:

  • bug fix : string for forming lock file name was undersized by 1 byte
Version 1.5 6 January 2004
Available as

GPG signature for tdl-1.5.tar.gz

Release notes:

  • bug fix : trying to move a node above/below/before/after itself corrupted the internal state
  • add per-database dotlocking to prevent multiple processes accessing the same database. (Can be disabled with --disable-dotlock option to configure).
Version 1.4.2 14 October 2003
Available as Release notes:
  • moveto command (alias for into command)
  • bug fix
Version 1.4.1 29 May 2003
Available as Release notes:
Version 1.4 15 May 2003
Available as Release notes:
  • Add more intelligent configure script
  • Support rl_completion_matches (replaces completion_matches in newer readline libraries)
  • Add "defer" command for editing start-times
  • Remove start-time editing from "edit" command
  • Bug fix : bad path expression with postpone used to segfault
  • Bug fix : completion always matched on 3 characters of command instead of per-command length (broke completion for 'ls')
  • Copy permissions of old database to new database when saving
  • Ask user for confirmation before acting on "quit" command
Version 1.3.1 4 April 2003
Available as Release notes:
  • Bug fix : widen without doing narrow first segfaults
  • Spec file fix for mandir
  • Updated manpage
Version 1.3 1 April 2003
Available as Release notes:
  • Added "save" command
  • Added "delete", "ls" and "revert" commands.
  • Added "narrow" and "widen" commands
  • Improvements to tdl.spec (e.g. so that SRPM construction works properly).

development releases

WARNING : these releases may be buggy, half-finished, lack documentation for new features etc. Please try, test and report problems. Even better, fix the problems and send me the patches! Also, I might modify or remove features in later releases
Version 1.6-pre1 9 March 2005
Available as

GPG signature for tdl-1.6-re1.tar.gz

Release notes:

  • See NEWS file in the tarball
Version 1.95.2 18 August 2003
Available as
Version 1.95.1 17 July 2003
Available as
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