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22 February 2005
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SH-5 Cayman photos

SH5-101 CPU in centre of picture, onboard DRAM to the right, PCI IDE card bottom left SH-5 CPU
The two PCI-PCI bridges. This photo also shows the 5 PCI slots (3x3.3V, 2x5V) at the top, and the PCI expansion connector in the middle at the bottom. The expansion connector lies on the PCI bus between the bridges, but to my knowledge has never been used for anything. PCI-PCI bridges
Rear view of Cayman in ATX tower case, showing serial console and ethernet cables to host PC Rear view of Cayman
The "development facility". The browser session showing Slashdot on the monitor is Mozilla running on the Cayman, with the PC as its remote X display. The development facility
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