These programs generate random text in the same style as some existing text supplied as an input.

You can download version 1.0 of the software which is covered by the GPL.

The README file is below.

'marcomp' and 'margen'

Copyright (C) 1999  Richard P. Curnow


These programs implement a Markov source model for generating random
pieces of text in the style of a particular work.

marcomp reads the input file and creates a state/transition file.
This file contains information about how often a particular character
follows a sequence of preceding characters.  margen reads the
state/transition file and uses a random number generator to produce
characters obeying the frequency information in the file.

Three modes are supported : continuous text, sentence and dictionary.
Continuous text mode treats the whole file as a unit, and includes
transitions on all whitespace characters (unless -x is specified, in
which case line feeds are stripped and runs of whitespace compress to
a single space).  The end of file transitions through '\n' back to the
start of the file.  Sentence mode treats each sentence (delineated by
! or .) as a unit, and ignores line feeds in the input.  Each end of
sentence transitions to the initial state through '\n'.  Dictionary
mode treats lines of input as units (i.e. the input should contain 1
word per line, like /usr/dict/words.).  This similarly transitions
through `\n' back to the initial state at the end of a line.

See also the comments at the top of the marcomp.c and margen.c source


To show what the software does, here's a play on the GPL, extracted
(and reformatted) from the output of the following command :

./marcomp -c 5 -x -r COPYING | ./margen -w 72 -st | more

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