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This page contains resources relating to the constructed language Lojban. More information can be found from the Logical Language Group homepage.


I have created some software (called jbofi'e) to aid in checking grammatical correctness of lojban texts and to help in translating them into English.

jbofi'e now has its own separate page.


This is still work in progress.

Here is my attempt at translating the Prologue to the Canterbury Tales by Chaucer. Also, here are some outputs of the parser/glosser above run on this work.


I have taken the various dictionaries available on the LLG's homepage and formatted them to produce a set of highly compacted A4 pages suitable for mounting back-to-back and laminating. Most of the material is set in 5 point text, so you need to have good eyesight! However, there is such a huge volume of material that it needs to be set this small to get it into a reasonable number of pages.

There are 24 sides of A4 altogether consisting of :

The dictionary is available in either Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format or in Postscript (compressed using gzip). (Note : when printed out the Postscript version has a blank page at the end. Without this I was finding the last real page didn't get printed.)

NEW! I have managed to unearth the sources I used for creating the dictionaries. They are available in .tar.gz format or .tar.bz2 format. After unpacking the archive of your choice to a temporary directory, enter the command

sh ./build
This assumes that you have perl, latex and pdflatex on your path. If you don't have pdflatex, the last command in the script will fail, but you will still have the postscript version of the dictionary.

There are a few clean-ups that could be done to the dictionary:

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